Understanding the entire development process of rugs and textiles has provided Studio Rae with opportunity to work with clients on a more intimate scale. Studio Rae can take a client’s concept or design, and help make it into reality. From determining the best manufacturing technique for a design, guiding a design from concept to a marketable product, to curating entire product ranges, Studio Rae’s involvement depends on the clients needs. Understanding materials, manufacturing techniques, and the various cultures of the Artisans, is as important to the design as the consumable product. Contact us to design for you, or to aid you in the process of developing rugs or textiles.


Manufacturing techniques

From hand tufting to hand woven rugs, the different manufacturing techniques all have their advantages and disadvantages. Studio Rae can determine the best way of production to achieve a desired aesthetic, price point, and quality. Whether that is taking a clients designs, or our own design, we provide our clients with the manufacturing and material specifications to achieve a final product.

Concept to marketable product

Taking clients ideas, inspiration, and graphics into account, Studio Rae can build on these ideas to provide designs to be manufactured. Whether a marketable collection of rugs or a one off design, we help, and guide our clients from concept to end product.




Whether large corporation, or small design house, we want to design for you. Often working from design briefs provided from our clients, we will provide you with a Studio Rae design, or collection. From rugs to textiles to home accessories, contact us if we are a good fit for you.